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We are now in Washington Dulles International Airport! Visit our Cacao Chaser kiosks in Terminal A (by Gate A25) and Terminal B (by Gate B49).

If you are at the Turkish Airlines Lounge in the Washington Dulles International Airport, please go to cacaochaser.com for placing an order.

Tea and Coffee

La Divina Papaya – Tea/Herbal Blends

Founded, operated and managed by two sisters who create chemical-free teas and seasonings in their farm in an indigenous territory in the Ecuadorian Andes, where they also naturally grow aromatic herbs and edible flowers.

Papá Café- High-Altitude Arabica Coffee

The flavor profile exquisiteness of the Papá Café coffee stems from much care dedicated to growing special coffee bean selections, as well as in masterly harvesting, fermenting and roasting the coffee cherries.

Chocolate/Toffee – USA

Unique selection of fine chocolates and toffee crafted in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Arcay Chocolates

Woman/Latino-Owned chocolate crafter based in Washington, DC. The Arcay Chocolates bar we offer is a generous 4.4oz/125g 70% cacao bar with chunks of fruits (strawberry, orange, mango), smoked almonds and pistachio.

Odyssey Chocolate

Fine chocolate crafter based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Plain bars 70% cacao, detonating different notes and profiles depending on their cacao origin (Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam).

Potomac Chocolate

Fine chocolate crafter based in Occoquan, Virginia. Plain as well as flavored bars ranging between 70% to 85% cacao content, from different origins including Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Peru.

River-Sea Chocolates

Woman and Latino-Owned fine chocolate crafter based in Chantilly, Virginia. Plain and flavored bars ranging between 65% and 72% cacao content, from different origins including Brazil, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Thailand.

Chocolate – Ecuador

Magnificent selection of chocolates made in Ecuador with Nacional cacao beans, known for centuries to be one of the world’s finest beans.

Herencia Esmeraldas Chocolate – Genuine Small Farmer-Owned Chocolate Company

Herencia Esmeraldas integrates over 800 cacao farmer families in the province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador, that have come together to craft their own fine chocolate bar.


World’s most awarded chocolate company. Flavored 60% cacao bars as well as plain raw bars including best 100% cacao bar in the market. Certified Organic and Kosher.


Remarkable single origin dark chocolate with inclusions of exotic teas combining fruits, spices and flowers. Certified Organic and Kosher.

Organic Spice Blends/Seasonings

Herbaria – Extraordinary Cuisine Made Simple and Easy

Herbaria stands for top quality and competence when it comes to easy-to-use organic spice blends. The German company sources around the world for the best ingredients from controlled organic small farms, combining high-quality nutrition with high culinary standards.

Artisan Handicrafts

Handicrafts made by small artisans, using natural fibers/materials and coloring, and traditional tools and techniques.