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Herbaria Potato Delight is an ORGANIC SPICE BLEND for ENHANCING your POTATO or VEGETABLE dish. Made with 7 ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: rock salt, organic paprika, organic onions, organic black pepper, organic hyssop, organic garlic, organic juniper berries, organic coriander seeds. JUST SPRINKLE this spice mixture at the end of the cooking process and enjoy roasted, fried or steamed potatoes/hard vegetables. EXCELLENT seasoning for any VEGAN preparation. This fine spice blend is contained in a recyclable and stackable aroma protection tin made from tinplate for preserving its aroma and freshness. SUGAR-FREE. SOY-FREE. Certified USDA Organic, and BIO (Germany). Produced by Herbaria GmbH, Germany.

Weight 0.42 lbs
Dimensions 2.38 × 2.38 × 3.5 in
Net Weight

3.5oz / 100g

Dietary Preferences

Sugar-Free. Soy-Free.


Organic. BIO (Germany).