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Luxury Dark Chocolate To’ak makes its chocolate with cacao sourced exclusively from pods that match the morphological and color profile of heirloom Nacional cacao referenced from DNA testing. Its cacao […]

Tagua Accessories

Our accessories portfolio includes handmade necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings carved from a sustainable nut called “Tagua”, which grows from a palm tree found mainly in the Ecuadorian and Colombian […]

Wood Bottle Holder

Handcrafted Single Wood Bottle Holder Handcrafted bottle holder, obtained from a single piece of wood, and designed to avoid material waste. The pieces are ribbed, charred and naturally lacquered with […]

Handcrafted Bracelets

Handcrafted Bracelets Directly from the Ecuadorian Andes Created and hand made by Maria Cristina and Jose Rafael in the Andes highlands as a complement to their goldenberries farming, especially when […]

La Divina Papaya Teas

Interested in buying La Divina Papaya teas? Mountain Dreams (Relaxing Herbs, Forest Berries (Andean Red Berries), Amazonas (Guayusa, Pineapple, Cacao Husk), Andes Tea (Blackberry, Mint), Rooibos Tea, Christmas Tea, Turmeric […]

Herencia Esmeraldas Chocolate

Farmer-Owned Social Enterprise Perhaps the only genuine small farmer-owned chocolate company in Ecuador, Herencia Esmeraldas integrates over 800 cacao farmer families in the province of Esmeraldas that have come together […]