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Luxury Dark Chocolate

To’ak makes its chocolate with cacao sourced exclusively from pods that match the morphological and color profile of heirloom Nacional cacao referenced from DNA testing. Its cacao was awarded the Heirloom designation from the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund.

In creating its chocolate, To’ak also sources native ingredients from small family farms, community cooperatives, and indigenous communities, and collaborates with local artists and artisans.

To’ak is the first tree-to-bar chocolate maker that comprehensively applies to its chocolate the principle of using aging vessels in combination with time, drawing from the techniques and tradition of winemakers and whisky distilleries.

To’ak is trusted by luxurious brands such as Bentley, Rolls Royce, Louis XIII, Ferrari, Hennesy, Cartier, Lamborghini, Shangri-La. Check out the selection of To’ak’s Alchemy chocolate bars that we feature in our Cacao Chaser kiosks in Washington Dulles International Airport, Terminal A (by Gate A25) and Terminal B (by Gate B49).

Interested in buying To’ak chocolate in Dulles Airport?

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