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La Divina Papaya Tea

Just Not Any Tea from the Andes

La Divina Papaya was founded and is operated and managed by two sisters who create teas and seasonings in their farm, named Upayakuwasi (Quechua word meaning The House of the Tranquil Waters) and located in the Kayambi indigenous territory in the Ecuadorian Andes, where 10 different types of edible flowers, as well as aromatic herbs and vegetables, are chemical-free, naturally grown for their use in the making of La Divina Papaya products.

Sustainability and traceability are the corner stone principles of this extraordinary company, together with the strengthening of its network of collaborators, especially as regards the network of women producers.

The Company is a B.I.C entity (Business of Collective Benefit and Interest), hence, committed to complying with responsible production standards that benefit the environment, the people that work for and with La Divina Papaya, and the society in general.  As such, the company is constantly looking for ways to positively impact the environment and contribute to a healthy and sustainable agriculture. The La Divina Papaya Product Portfolio we offer includes different teas and infusions. Take a look at the La Divina Papaya teas that we feature, both online as well as in our Cacao Chaser kiosks in Washington Dulles International Airport, Terminals A (by Gate A25) and B (by Gate B49).

La Divina Papaya Teas

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