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River-Sea Chocolates

River-Sea Chocolates’ journey started where the Amazon River meets the Atlantic Sea, where one of its founders grew up. The company is based in Chantilly, Northern Virginia, and sources its cacao from small farmers in Brazil (Saraca Island), Colombia (Santa Marta), Fiji (Vanua Levu), India (Anamalai), Nicaragua (La Colonia), Peru (Ucayali River), Tanzania (Kilombero Valley), Thailand (Chumphon Collective), Vietnam (Dak Nog). Each origin carries distinct flavors.

Purchases of the River-Sea Chocolates support the Amazon River cleanup project, called #projetoSUPAneiro and run by Super Acao Standup. River-Seas’s contributions pay for supplies, lunches, boat rentals, recording equipment, and create jobs. River-Sea Chocolates also funds educational eco-fitness programs, where low-income children learn SUP and embrace environmental stewardship along the way.

Other eco-friendly initiatives include the shipment of cacao by Sail cargo (River-Sea’s shipment was the first Sail cargo shipment allowed in the USA), reducing carbon emissions by 99% over conventional cargo transport.

SamiChakra/Cacao Chaser features in its kiosks in Washington Dulles International Airport a varied selection of River-Sea Chocolates bars, mini bars, and mini bar gift box.



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