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Arcay Chocolates

Arcay Chocolates is a family-owned chocolate business in Washington D.C. The business started making chocolates in its native country Venezuela in a small corner of the family home’s kitchen. Master chocolatier, Anabella Arcay, quickly grew the business and gained international notoriety after receiving 42 medals at the International Chocolate Awards.

With more than 15 years of experience, Arcay Chocolates offers an expansive line of chocolate confections that includes chocolate truffle boxes, chocolate bars, hot chocolate bombs, ganache spreads, chocolate-covered dried fruits, and baked goods.

SamiChakra/Cacao Chaser features in its kiosks in Washington Dulles International Airport one of Arcay Chocolates most generous and exquisite bar, a 4.4oz (125g) dark chocolate bar (70% Cacao content), with inclusions of fruits such as orange and mango, as well as smoked almonds and pistachios.

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