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Our Beliefs


We believe that the production of healthy and genetically diverse food is not sustainable in the long run, unless profits in the food commercialization chain are responsibly distributed among its different players. The market requires transparency. Technology tools and information should be developed and made available to small farmers/artisans for enabling them to negotiate better terms and conditions in their production and selling chain.

Preserving Our Habitat

We are convinced that quality food ingredients can only come from healthy soils and can only be grown following practices that take due care of the people, the environment, and the land. We believe that we should focus on consuming products that have a meaningful purpose behind them; on supporting initiatives that have a positive social and environmental impact through our consumption habits.

Story Tellers and Attesters

We believe it is essential to closely work with small farmers/artisans in spreading the stories of their people and farming/production practices, and to attest these first-hand, while developing go-to-market strategies and navigating through the complexities of positioning their products.