O U R    B E L I E F S


We believe that the way small farmers/producers have been and are currently treated and remunerated for their products will not allow the sustainable production of healthy and genetically diverse food, but will rather cause the continued exodus of people to urban regions.

We believe that small farmers/producers in developing countries should be remunerated beyond Fair Trade standards, educated, well trained, and empowered with tools and information enabling them to negotiate better terms and conditions in their production and selling chain.

Preserving our Habitat

We are convinced that quality food ingredients can only come from healthy soils and can only be grown following practices that take due care of the land, the environment, and the people.

Story Tellers

We believe it is essential to closely work with makers of genuine high-quality and healthy food in spreading the stories of their people and farming/production practices, while developing go-to-market strategies and navigating through the complexities of positioning their products in the market.


O U R    V A L U E S
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Excelling in all facets of what we do and working with business partners that achieve the highest quality and standards in their products and practices.


Striving for equitable and sustainable practices. Promoting activities towards a more equitable society.


Sharing experiences, knowledge and information transparently.  Promoting transparent business relations and markets, and free access to, and use of, relevant traceable information and knowledge about products, markets, prices, demand, offerings, producers, and buyers.


Always acting ethically and accountably; only partnering with parties genuinely embracing this value.


Supporting and promoting activities towards collective goals and a more mindful society.

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