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Remarkable Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate

Villakuyaya, stands for remarkable single region dark and white chocolate made with Arriba Nacional cacao beans grown in the Esmeraldas Province of Ecuador, and known as the finest in the world.  Villakuyaya’s dark chocolate portfolio includes chocolate chips, plain 100%, 95%, 80%, 73%, and 65% bars, as well as 100%, 80% and 65% bars with inclusions of exotic teas, combining fruits, spices and flowers. It’s entire dark chocolate collection is lecithin-free and certified Organic and Kosher.  




Retailers/Food Service Companies: if you are interested in carrying or using any of the products referred to below, please reach us out through the Contact us section.

Chocolate Chips

Villakuyaya Chips


Plain Chocolate Bars

Villakuyaya Products Plain Bars

The Villakuyaya Plain Dark Chocolate Bar portfolio includes 5 pure smooth bars: ranging between 100% and 65%. All bars are lecithin-free.

Dark Chocolate Bars with Inclusions of Exotic Teas

Villakuyaya Products Flavored

The Villakuyaya chocolate portfolio includes a selection of 18 remarkable emulsifier-free dark chocolates with inclusions of exotic teas combining fruits, flowers and spices (such as cherry, orange, cranberry, coffee, coconut, roses, lavender, pink salt, habanero, ginger, masala, chai, vanilla), and with cacao content ranging between 100% and 65%.

Milk and White Chocolate 

Villakuyaya Products Milk & White

The Villakuyaya offering includes equally remarkable single origin milk and white chocolate made with Arriba Nacional beans, the finest cacao from Ecuador.

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