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Top Quality Nutritional Supplement & Spice Mixtures

Herbaria stands for top quality and competence when it comes to iron-based nutritional supplement, organic spices, tea, coffee, and breadcrumbs from controlled organic farms. The German Company sources around the world for the best organic products, to combine high-quality nutrition with high culinary standards.

Our Herbaria products portfolio includes Blutquick, the only certified Organic and Vegan iron-based supplement available in the market, and 6 organic spice blends for international cuisine dishes associated to different regions around the world (Asia, The Americas, Mediterranean, Germany).



Retailers/Food Service Companies: if you are interested in carrying or using any of the products referred to below, please reach us out through the Contact us section.

End Consumers: if you would like to buy any of the products referred to below directly from us, we offer these products in Amazon and in Square.

Iron-based Supplement

Herbaria offers the only certified Organic and Vegan iron-based supplement in the market.

Herbaria BQ

Organic Spice Blends

Easy to use and simple to cook extraordinary meals. Family and guests will be enchanted and delighted when preparing your meals with these superb spice mixtures.

Herbaria SR
Herbaria PD
Herbaria TS
Herbaria ND
Herbaria TM
Herbaria CJ
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