B R A N D S / P R O D U C T S   W E  W O R K   W I T H

Organic Chocolate

Ecuador is the land of the finest cacao. We are proud and honored to work with two of the best Ecuadorian chocolate makers: Pacari Chocolate and Villakuyaya.

Organic Quinoa-based Mixes

If you are looking for plant-based diet and healthy food, we work with Urcohuasi Farms, Ecuadorian producer of novel organic quinoa-based products.

Organic Spice Mixtures

When it comes to spicing up your meals, we offer unique easy to use, simple to cook organic spice mixtures produced by Herbaria Kräuterparadies GmbH from Germany. Herbaria also produces the only certified organic and vegan iron-based nutritional supplement.

Nutritional Supplements

We have recently also added to our product offering, supplements for strengthening the immune system and improving mental wellness produced by Amare Global, a US company based in California.

We are always looking for new strategic suppliers who are in line with the Sami’s core endeavor, and plan to add new brands to our product offering soon.

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