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SamiChakra LLC (SamiChakra) was founded in January 2016 and stems from our desire to do something that would transcend and inspire us, our children, others, after working in corporations for over 30 years.

SamiChakra represents and sells outstanding products produced responsibly. The Company’s mission also involves positively impacting small farmers/producers and improving their livelihood (“Sami’s core endeavor”), by positioning and offering only products produced upon genuine practices for the development of small farmers/producers, the protection of the environment, and the preservation of agrodiversity (i.e. responsible practices).

As an essential practice of our business, and leveraging on 20 years of auditing experience in PricewaterhouseCoopers, we personally attest the policies and practices that our strategic suppliers tell us they follow, by visiting small farms and meeting people in the field, whenever possible. We have witnessed first-hand through these experiences the real difference that responsible practices make in improving the livelihood of small farmers and in providing a sustainable platform for the production of healthy food. We have also witnessed how much work is yet to be done and the enormous opportunities for improving current conditions in the field. We illustrate these experiences during our participation in conferences and festivals, and through our interaction with customers.

With each day gone by and each journey navigated, we become more committed to Sami’s core endeavor. We owe it, for now, to 4,000+ small farmers in Ecuador and 200 around the world. We would like to impact many more globally in the long run. If you genuinely believe in similar principles (offering products produced based on responsible practices), we invite you to carry, and/or use in your manufacturing or as corporate gifts, the products/brands that SamiChakra sells/works with.

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