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Remarkable Dark Chocolate with Inclusions of Exotic Teas

Villakuyaya stands for remarkable single origin dark chocolate made with Arriba Nacional cacao beans grown in the Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador; known as one of the finest beans in the world. Villakuyaya makes its chocolates without any lecithin and with inclusions of exotic teas combining fruits, spices and flowers.

Certifications: Organic and Kosher.

The entire Villakuyaya Products portfolio is dairy-free, soy-free, lecithin-free, and, except for the Tulsi Ginger & Honey bar, vegan. It includes dark chocolate bars with inclusions of different teas or salts. We also feature Villakuyaya dark chocolate bars in our Cacao Chaser kiosks in Washington Dulles International Airport, Terminals A (by Gate A25) and B (by Gate B49).

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