P  R  O  D  U  C  T  S

Organic Chocolate

Pacari stands for the highest quality organic chocolate from tree to bar. Pacari uses only Arriba Nacional cacao beans to produce the best single origin Ecuadorian chocolate. The company has consistently been granted International Chocolate Gold Awards since 2012.

The Pacari product portfolio includes:
– organic chocolate bars and minibars
– organic chocolate gift collections
– organic chocolate covered fruits and cacao beans bulk products.

Single Origen and Limited Editon Bars

The Single Region Chocolate Bars vary in cacao content (between 60% and 72%) grown in three different coastal regions in Ecuador (Esmeraldas, Manabi and Los Rios) with distinct climate and ecosystems thus providing each presentation a particular and special note, texture and taste. All Limited Edition Chocolate Bars have 70% cacao content and have been awarded either Gold or Silver Awards by the International Chocolate Awards. Cacao used for this line originates from very small farms and counted unique cacao trees. The bars made of each kind depend on the harvest and production of these rare plants found by PACARI during its search for the best cacao; in many cases it is also a cacao which is handled in a way different from the more common beans.

Raw Chocolate and Superfood  Bars

To produce the Raw Bars, the cacao is minimally processed for better preserving its nutrients. Chocolate  bars contain coconut sugar (as opposed to cane sugar used in other lines). Most presentations within this line are Biodynamic Certified (Demeter). PACARI offers 70%, 85% and 100% raw cacao content. These bars also come blended with superfoods such as Spirulina, Maca or Andean Blueberry, that are natural and healthy boosters, adding even more antioxidant benefits to the properties of dark chocolate.

Fruit Harvest and Flavors of the Andes

PACARI produces delicious chocolate blends of ingredients that originate from countries in the Andean region. These bars are 60% cacao content. Find exotic flavors like, Lemmon grass, Andean Mint, Merken Chili, Pink Salt from Cuzco, Andean Roses, Lemon Verbena, Goldenberries, Ginger and Chia, Fig, Passion Fruit, Andean Blueberry  and many others.

Gift Collections

This line includes a variety of organic chocolate bar gift collections for special occasions, including deluxe leather boxes, as well as sets of fruits covered with organic chocolate and cacao beans covered with cocoa powder.

Chocolate Covered Fruits and Cacao Beans

PACARI Chocolate Covered Banana, Goldenberries, Nibs and Expresso beans will surprise your taste buds. This line is also offered in Raw Organic Chocolate.

Cacao Beans covered with cocoa powder comes in three presentations: Natural, with Ginger, and with Banana. This is a unique product that only PACARI can produce. The natural taste of cacao and cocoa powder is combined with a slight cinnamon aroma thanks to the Ishpingo Ecuadorian species with a balanced and unusual spicy taste.

Bulk Cacao Products and  Home Line

PACARI high quality products for professionals, restaurants, juice bars, chocolatiers. Find Bulk of Chocolate Drops, Chunks or Blocks of 60%, 70%, and 100%, Cocoa Powder,  Cacao Butter, Nibs, Goldenberries and Jungle Peanuts.